Dirty Data: Destigmatizing Urinary Tract Infections

After completing my honors thesis clinical study on the impacts of antibiotics and natural remedies on the urinary, gut, and vaginal microbiome and metabolome in women with urinary tract infection (UTI), I created an immersive multimedia public art installation using study data visualizations to explore the complex interactions of omics data in women's health and provoke thought about sociocultural aspects of medical data that is often erased through contemporary data visualization tools. 

The visualization wall will be used to display time based visualizations of multi-omics data collected from my thesis study. Such visualizations include urinary, gut, and vaginal metagenomic and metabolomic data before and after antibiotic treatment in adolescent women with UTI. The visualization will be contextualized in clinical metadata of individual actions taken that may influence omics data and UTI recovery, such as usage of natural remedies, water intake, and diet. The installation will be interactive so that scientific and non-scientific audiences can explore the impacts of various antibiotic treatments and natural remedies on human microbiomes and UTI recovery.