Our Mission

San Diego is a global safehaven for immigrants and refugees. Situated just 18 miles from the busiest land border crossing in the western hemisphere, San Diego is a microcosm of global diversity and poverty, with a regional ecology exhibiting public health, environmental, urban, and political issues that persist across borders.

IHPSD is an undergraduate-driven initiative that works with immigrant, refugee, and low income communities in San Diego to:

[1] Investigate, report, and co-produce knowledge regarding overshadowed public health issues.

The IHPSD Investigative Team explores the reality of community health using multimedia such as photography, film, audio, text, and data-visualizations to create accessible narratives. The team focuses on working with community members and organizations to identify region-specific issues and increase community-wide awareness about them. Recognizing that communities have a deeper understanding of the most pressing issues they experience, we prioritize their perspectives and knowledge when constructing public insight into these issues.


[2] Mobilize collaborative student-community activism and problem solving.


The IHPSD in Action Team identifies tangible needs in the community through active communication and collaboration, then facilitates collaborative undergraduate-community ideation and action to address these needs through long term projects. IHPSD in Action teams are multidisciplinary in order to address such needs through a variety of perspectives.

IHPSD strives to create a sustainable and symbiotic relationship between the university and communities in San Diego.