Impacts of the Border: Air Quality and Health in San Ysidro, CA 

In 2017, I directed and produced a documentary about community perspectives on air pollution from the U.S-Mexico border crossing and its link to respiratory health and environmental justice in the border town of San Ysidro, California in light of upcoming changes to the border.


I also collaborated with community activists and nonprofit leaders to research mitigation strategies for air pollution linked respiratory disease in San Ysidro children and seniors.


This work is supported by the UC San Diego Frontiers of Innovation Grant and BLUM Cross Border Initiative at UC San Diego. 












The documentary was exhibited in September 2017 at TheFront Art Gallery in San Ysidro, CA and a post screening discussion invited attendees to take part in community advocacy for specific issue mitigation strategies during a meeting of the San Diego-Tijuana Air Quality Task Force, convened by Frontera2020 (a program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Mexico SPA).


Upcoming changes to the border—specifically increased security checks and expansion of lanes that will likely double the amount of idling traffic in the region—will further exacerbate the health vulnerable populations living in border communities. This film is not just a documentation of what has already been happening, but a call to action and tool for community organization against this issue.

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